An Expert Says the Royal Family Needs to Reach Out to Meghan's Family and End the Ongoing Media Drama

In an interview with Express, royal historian and commentator Dr. Anna Whitelock weighed in on the drama between the royal family and Meghan Markle's family. Whitelock says the royals should reach out and end the drama.

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The latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is Thomas Markle vs. the royal family brings in a new player: Dr. Anna WhitelockWhitelock, a royal historian and commentator, weighed in on the drama surrounding Meghan Markle's family in a new interview with Express — and her expert opinion is that the royal family needs to be doing more about this ~whole thing~. 

"I think as soon as, or even before, the engagement was announced there should have been a kind of family liaison officer who would go to the Markle family and prepare and advise them," she said. "I think it is just naivety that this family from America which has no knowledge or experience of Royal circles would somehow be able to manage it all."

She puts a lot of the responsibility directly on the royal family, who she says haven't "handled" the relationship with Meghan's family.

"It does not look like they have particularly handled that part of the relationship," she said. Actually, the Markles are a different kind of family and that has not really been managed in a way. I think the Palace really hopes that they can get back on track, that Meghan Markle’s father does not continue being this issue that is being played out."

Whitelock also said it's important to remember, as members of the public, that Meghan's family can't be compared to Kate Middleton's, who were much more well-equipped to deal with the increased scrutiny that comes with being royal in-laws.

"It was always going to be a different prospect for Kate Middleton," she explained. "Her family were more typical for marrying into the Royal family. I mean they were not aristocrats, but they were upper middle-class and they knew how these things worked. They were not new to this in the way that the Markle family have been."

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