Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Flirted Adorably During the Coach Core Awards

I'm only wearing heels to sporting events from now on.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Coach Core Awards this afternoon, and there was a lot going on. The event started with Meghan playing catch with a ball (in heels!) and doing drills looking like a pro. Harry stood on the other side of the gym doing the same (sans heels).

Meghan looked relaxed and in her element while meeting with 60 graduating We Are Coach Core apprentices with Harry at Loughborough University, a public research university about two hours north of Kensington Palace. (They traveled by train to get there.) The royal couple did not hold back on the PDA, hugging and showing their affection for each other before engaging in some friendly flirty competition on the court.

They met together in the middle of the gym for a basketball game to see who could shoot the most hoops. Harry is seen looking back at his wife, most likely to check and see who actually has the skills. At first Meghan seemed to be taking the lead, but Harry ended up winning.

The Duchess wore a polished navy Oscar de la Renta top and black Altuzarra trousers to accompany her stilettos. Back in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge played volleyball in heels while attending a SportsAid athlete workshop in London, so it's not unusual for royals to go for a...slightly less casual look when there's sports involved. Meghan and Kate are clearly women of many talents.

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Behold a five-part series of Harry and Meghan's flirty competition:

"Wait, is she really going to take this seriously?"

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"Yes, she's taking it seriously. I have no worries, though."

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"Hold up, I definitely scored more points than you."

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"No you didn't. Keep going."

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"Fine, you did. It's just a game. I still love you."

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