Claire Foy, Emmy Award-Winning Actor, Was Denied Entrance into an Emmys After Party

You won't believe who helped her get in.

Claire Foy, who won an Emmy for her role as a young Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she was denied entrance into a—wait for it—Emmys after party. Foy told the story on an episode of The Tonight Show, and recalls how completely mortified she was.

"I didn't have trouble...I didn't get in. I was mortified," she told Fallon. The actress was quite literally holding her Emmy in hand, and they still didn't let her in. If it wasn't for the help of Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness (bless his soul), she wouldn't have gotten in, which is completely crazy.

Foy called JVN her "knight in a white suit" after her stuck up for her, and he most definitely hasn't hidden his love obsession with her since. The night of the Emmys, he posted a picture with her captioned, "Oh. My. Fucking. God. MOM! MOM!! MOM our fav!!! @thecrownnetflix"

He also posted a hilarious video saying he wants to be British and how much he was "fully freaking out" when he met Foy, which, like, same. "Last night was the most amazing night, the gratitude I feel & kindness that has been shown to me is immeasurable. I swear I’m gonna stop emmy posting now, probably."

The friendship I didn't know I needed. If you didn't catch it above, watch Claire's full interview with Jimmy Fallon below.


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(Image credit: Stuart Hendry / Netflix)
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