Priyanka Chopra Carries Sophie Turner While Wearing Heels, Remains a Superwoman

She even called Sophie her "sister-in-law."

Priyanka Chopra's pre-wedding celebrations have been, to put it lightly, lit. After a whirlwind and fantastical bridal shower last weekend at Tiffany & Co, Chopra spent the weekend aboard a a yacht in Amsterdam for her bachelorette weekend before Chopra's wedding to Nick Jonas. But not just any yacht, a yacht that rivals the ones on Below Deck or even the Titanic. Sorry, I'm not a boat person, I only know that boat that the British people voted to name Boaty McBoatFace. All I can think about is that Priyanka celebrated her bachelorette party on the Mega Boaty McBoatFace, and I am jealous as one can be.

Chopra spent the weekend surrounded by loved ones, including future sister-in-law, Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner, who is engaged to Joe Jonas, Nick's brother. In an Instagram story shared on Sunday night, Chopra is spotted doing the kindest thing—carrying a smiling and laughing Turner on her back, while wearing a pair of high-heeled boots. I love my friends a lot, but I don't think I would carry any of them in a pair of boots that high.

Priyanka also said in the video, "In heels! This is what you have to do for sisters-in-law these days," which is so cute. They're not even related yet and they're already #sisterinlawgoals.

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There was also the hashtags #TheJSisters and #HighHeelFails, as well as a "sisterhood" sticker. I'm drowning in the adorable.

Alexa, play "The Schuyler Sisters" from Hamilton so I can change the lyrics to "The Jonas Sisters." Priyanka, Sophie, and Dani.

Amanda Mitchell

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