Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck, a.k.a. Monica and Richard, Had A Surprise 'Friends' Reunion!

Could we *be* any more excited?

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It's always nice to run into an old friend, and it certainly seemed that way when Courteney Cox, a.k.a. Monica Gellar, ran into her former Friends co-star Tom Selleck, a.k.a. Richard Burke, unexpectedly in a bar Tuesday evening.

In the video, Selleck approaches Cox, who seems positively elated to see her old friend, who played Dr. Richard Burke, the boyfriend to Cox's Monica Geller for ten episodes of the 90s hit comedy from the show's second season to the show's tenth. Claudia Oshry, who captured the video and put it on Twitter, captioned “Spotted in NY: Dr. Richard Burke and Monica Geller saying hi to one another. Shook. What will Chandler say?” Would this be titled The One Where Monica And Richard Reunite At A Bar?

One can only hope that after fifteen years of marriage, Chandler probably wouldn't care if Monica ran into an ex-boyfriend from 20-plus years before, but maybe I'm shooting a little high, here. Don't they have kids to be looking after? Richard's likely retired, living in Florida somewhere, he and Monica are living totally different lives now! He may be able to help out if the twins need eye exams. Wow, I'm really passionate about a Friends plot line that hasn't even happened, and likely never will.

Fingers crossed this isn't the closest we'll come to a Friends reunion. We can continue to hope it happens, right? While you're still wishing and hoping, you can catch all of Friends on Netflix, and be sure to read our definitive ranking of the seasons, because we know you have opinions.

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