The Final 'Killing Eve' Season 2 Trailer Has Dropped

Get ready—the premiere is April 7.

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Spoilers for Season 1 of Killing Eve ahead: One of 2018’s coolest new programs finally made Sandra Oh the star of her very own show. It also introduced us to two iconic female characters: Badass Jodie Comer as silky smooth assassin Villanelle, and Oh's more “schlubby” (Oh’s words!) but just as fiery MI5 agent Eve Polastri.

Killing Eve also brought us fabulous European locations, somewhat less fabulous Russian locations, a plethora of clothes, accessories, and assassin gadgets (poison disguised in a hairpin!), and some killer dialogue—pun totally intended. Viewers and critics were so in love that the show was renewed for a second season before the first had even premiered. And now it has two Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations.

It’ll be hard to top last year’s joyful mayhem, and even harder for the writers to somehow resolve the insane Season 1 finale—with Villanelle stabbed by Eve, who felt really sorry about it, after the two almost made out. Entertainment Weekly shared a few sneak peek photos of what’s in store for the cat and her mouse (although I’m not totally sure which one is which at this point). We also just got new teaser trailers that promise more of the same totally twisted dynamic. Here’s everything we know about Season 2, which will come to us on April 7, 2019.

There's a final Season 2 trailer, and it's incredible.

We just got the news today that Killing Eve is up for a whopping 14 BAFTA nominations, with both Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh nommed for Best Actress. Simultaneously, we finally get out last look at this upcoming season before it actually airs. There isn't a ton of dialogue or hints at plotlines, but it does give glimpses at the upcoming set pieces (hospital, office building, hotel room, red-lit torture chamber?) as well as a lot of horror, angst, and frustration for just about every character. Well, except for Eve when she's back on the hunt for her target/potential lover. 

What I think I love most about the trailer is the pitch-black humor: The high-fashion Villanelle wincing comically as she's forced to put on white, flowery crocs, Eve grinning and irritating her no-nonsense boss—the ever-awesome Fiona Shaw, the...terrifying pig bondage situation? Whatever that is? (I guarantee you it's going to end VERY badly for someone who probably isn't Villanelle.)

Plus there are a ton of longing looks, hints at obsession, and a glimpse of a couple of the new characters—including Love Actually's Nina Sosanya, who appears to potentially be Eve's new boss at MI6? We also get a quick look at A Discovery of Witches' Edward Bluemel, a coworker(?) who at least knows enough about the situation to interrogate Eve about her fascination with the assassin. I think we'd all like to know more about that, actually.

We can't wait—see you on April 7. 

Luke Jenning's second Killing Eve book is out, and it might give hints about the series.

Even though the book and the series have diverged pretty clearly at this point, they still share common DNA (and author Luke Jennings collaborated with the TV creators on the series, so he helped steer the writers in the right direction). He's just released his second book in his Villanelle series, and it pushes forward the characters BIG TIME. His first book already may be providing some hints about Season 2, but this goes even further.

No spoilers here, but suffice to say the relationship between Villanelle and Eve advances in really important and actually quite surprising ways. I DID NOT expect the ending, but it felt really terrific and a perfect way to evolve that dynamic. Again, the characters are fundamentally different in the book as opposed to the series, and there's also a chance that the novel has diverged utterly and completely with the TV series. But I hope not, and I would have thought that Jennings might have shared big-picture plot points if he knew about them (in much the same way that George R. R. Martin gave big arching storylines to the Game of Thrones creators). 

It's a short read, so if you absolutely can't wait until April 7, the book should help tide you over until we get Eve and Villanelle on our TV screens once more.

A second new trailer reveals some more fabulous looks from Villanelle.

Scored with Betty Hutton’s original version of “It’s Oh So Quiet," we're getting more of an idea of what Season 2 will look like, with Eve's former M16 boss Carolyn (Fiona Shawn) giving Eve the duty of finding Villanelle. And it won't be easy – this season, Villanelle is serving lewks galore, including a pink dress and earrings and a suit and tie. The best moment, of course, is when Villanelle is asked if an influencer can take her photo for her Instagram. “No,” Villanelle cracks. “No, of course not. Get a real life.” LOL.

The first new trailer shows they're not wasting any time.

According to the show's creators, season 2 will take place thirty-six seconds after the season 1 finale, picking up with Eve, seemingly in shock over stabbing Villanelle, munching down on some popcorn. It's clear that Eve's obsession has grown even bigger, since she interrupts a marriage proposal to talk about killing her. We all have our goals, I suppose.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off.

Judging by the clues we've gotten, we’ll get a chance to see how Villanelle handles her injury and how both characters come to terms with what they’ve done. In particular, the formerly timid Eve is now officially a stone-cold killer.

New head writer Emerald Fennell tells EW, “Eve has done something, which may have changed her forever, that will have repercussions with every relationship in her life.” She adds, “It’s a ripple effect that both of them have experienced.” And the complexity of Eve and Villanelle’s relationship continues. Oh says she’s most excited by how the dynamic “progresses and deepens” in Season 2.

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There's a new head writer and a totally new plot.

Emmy-nominated Phoebe Waller-Bridge is filming a new season of Fleabag, so she will move to executive producer from being head writer of Season 1. Instead, Fennell, who’s known as an actress for shows like Call the Midwife and who’s also a successful novelist, will helm the series’ second season. There’s only one novel, Codename Villanelle, made up of a series of novellas by author Luke Jennings, who has another novel coming out in March. However, the series has also diverged wildly from the book (the two are basically ignoring each other at this point), so there’s not much to go on in terms of canon. So the writers will have to come up with totally new plotlines as they move forward.

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It's going to get more intense.

How? We’re not really sure yet, but the stars insist. “I don’t want to take away the pleasure of surprise,” Comer told EW, “so all I will say is you can expect more, more, more from Villanelle.” Granted, the show set up some serious unanswered questions. Who is Carolyn, the MI6 head (played by the incomparable Fiona Shaw), really working for? Who are “The Twelve”? What’s going to happen to Villanelle now that she doesn’t really have a job anymore? Is her handler Konstantin actually dead? Does the show really expect us to believe that Eve is going to die, given that her relationship with Villanelle is the best part of the show?

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More characters are coming.

More people for Villanelle to play with! As reported to Entertainment Weekly, there are a ton of new faces joining Comer and Oh. Nina Sosanya (Love Actually), Edward Bluemel (A Discovery of Witches), Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), and Shannon Tarbet (Colette) will all be joining the fun in Season 2. Although, fun might just be code for “getting murdered creatively,” so TBD on whether any of these characters will have staying power.

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There will be more locations, and hopefully more clothes.

The Season 1 finale gave us this line, which basically sums up the show in a nutshell. Eve: “I have lost two jobs, a husband, and a best friend because of you.” Villanelle: “Yeah, but you got some really nice clothes out of it!” The set and costume design were integral to Season 1, and we’ve gotten no indication that’s going to change. Season 2 is currently filming in Europe (reportedly Amsterdam, London, and Paris), but Oh hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that the type of setting will change. “It moves from a chase to being together—in the same room,” she explains. Either way, it promises to be quite a ride.

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