Ariana Grande Releases 'Thank U, Next' Bloopers, and They're Even Funnier Than the Video

In the wake of the fabulous news that Ariana Grande is making history by being the fourth woman and the youngest performer to headline Coachella, you might imagine that the singer-songwriter-actress is taking it easy, resting her voice, getting ready for the spring festival. Nope. Ariana decided that today was the day she was going to release the blooper reel from her mega-popular music video from "Thank U, Next." The video had so many cameos, Easter eggs, and in-jokes that I didn't think it was possible for her to get anything else in there. But it turns out, there's more, and it's pretty hilarious.

In a deleted scene from the Legally Blonde portion of the video, Ariana as Elle Woods reenacts the scene where she helps her friend, Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette, get her dog back from her sleazy and nasty ex. Ariana in braids and cat-eye glasses reenacting "I'm her attorney" reminds us that girl can still totally act.

The bloopers also feature Ariana's friends including Colleen Ballinger and Troye Sivan goofing off. But the biggest ham is, probably no surprise, Kris Jenner. In one deleted scene, she reenacts the infamous "get chlamydia and die" scene from the original movie with some salty language thrown in there for fun. Kris Jenner, future movie star?

Of course, in true Ariana fashion, the singer teased the news on Twitter, telling her fans she had "something fun" in store for them. Fans begged her to release the full song "Needy" that apparently will be the next song off her new album, leading to some great puns:

She got a good laugh out of the fact that her fans constantly want more goodies from her:

Then she counted down to a midnight release of the bloopers. Classic.

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