Chrissy Teigen Laughs in Winter's Face, Posts Tropical Vacation Photos with Her Family

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Chrissy Teigen rang in 2019 freezing, wet, and with an umbrella to the face, so to shake it off, the model-author-actress is taking a break with John Legend and her kids Luna and Miles in (undisclosed tropical location—seriously, no one knows). Thankfully, she's also been posting tons of photos and videos to document her idyllic trip. It's making the rest of us—a.k.a. me—in the frozen tundra insanely jealous and also, in a totally unrelated way, check on Kayak for "affordable flights to somewhere warm."

On her Instagram Stories, Chrissy also debuted a shorter haircut, held back with that plastic zig-zag sports headband that every cool girl was wearing in the '90s. "If Jen says it's cool again, it's cool again," says Chrissy in the video (meaning Jen Atkin, her hairstylist, and presumably the one who gave her the cute lob she's sporting). She paired the look with a dark rust-orange bikini that kind of gives me an updated Baywatch vibe. In case we needed a reminder that the '90s are back.

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In another Stories video, Luna is unimpressed by the whole situation. The Daily Mail notes that while Chrissy is taking in all the beauty as she sits on a paddleboard, her daughter is just, like, "Can I get out now?" I love her cute and fruity one-piece bathing suit, though.

Chrissy TeigenInstagram

In case you need more reasons to be jealous of the Teigens-Legends, these are the rest of the photos they've been posting, including Miles channeling cool-dad Legend in head-to-toe tropical prints and Luna looking more effortlessly breezy on vacation than I ever could.

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