How Wells Adams Is Already Planning His Dream Wedding to Sarah Hyland

Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise alum Wells Adams and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland are on the path to getting engaged. Now, according to Us Weekly, there's even more reason to look out for a big announcement, because engagement is on Adams' mind too.

I'm already big-time rooting for Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise alum Wells Adams and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland to get engaged. Hyland had, no joke, a hell of a year, culminating in a second kidney transplant. She met Adams just a few days before her surgery, and the couple has been sweet, cuddly, and fiercely supportive of each other ever since. Now, according to Us Weekly, I have even more reason to hope for a big announcement, because engagement is on Adams' mind too.

Adams says he's already confident the pair will get hitched, but he's planning to defer to Hyland on the theme (such a gentleman!). It doesn't mean he doesn't have a wedding wishlist of his own, though. "What’s my vision? I want our dogs to be involved in the ceremony," he said. "That’s gonna be important."

The two moved in together in August 2018, and Adams has previously told Us Weekly that, even though they don't have specific plans right now, "it's definitely going to happen." Yes, yes, but WHEN, Wells??

According to their Twitter, Hyland has slightly different priorities—specifically, the new puppy that they should adopt, and how the couple should totally train him or her using Harry Potter spells. Adams could not have been more on-board, and the couple discussed aloud which spell they'll use for the potentially barky pup.

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In non-personal news, Hyland's character Haley just discovered she's expecting twins, per People. Her on-screen persona is a bit, shall we say, farther along than her real-life counterpart (corny pun totally intended), but both Haley and Sarah have a lot to be thankful for. 

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