The Definitive Timeline of Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's Relationship

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger met in June 2018, were engaged in June 2019, and had their first baby in August of 2020. Here's a full timeline.

Big news: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger just had their first baby! It's been a whirlwind courtship for the Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy actor and the author. It hadn't even been a year before Chris popped the big question, but the relationship between the two got serious super quickly: The couple wed officially in June 2019.

We don't see too much of the couple on the red carpet, and the couple's pretty private about their lives. This is the second marriage for Pratt, who was married for eight years to fellow actor Anna Faris (and broke all of our collective hearts when they split up), with whom he has a son. And this is the first child for Schwarzenegger. Here's an in-depth look at the couple's relationship timeline.

June 2018

Pratt and Schwarzenegger are first linked by the Daily Mailhaving a casual picnic date. But the two had been chatting for two months before that, according to E! News. Apparently Schwarzenegger's mom Shriver helped introduce the two, since she knows Pratt through mutual friends.

August 2018

The couple shows up for a low-key church date in Los Angeles (that's the image up top!). Interestingly, this marked almost a year to the day Pratt's separation with ex-wife Faris.

People reported that Schwarzenegger and Pratt were getting serious and that Schwarzenegger had spent time with Pratt's son, six-year-old Jack. Once the word's out about their relationship, the couple is snapped several more times that month

September 2018

Pratt introduces Schwarzenegger to his family. His brother Cully Pratt shared photos from their time together at Round Pond Estate Winery in Rutherford, California, and the Mayor's Gala in Napa, California. "So thankful for time shared with my family & friends!" he said, already including Schwarzenegger in that description.

November 2018

Pratt is seen with his girlfriend, her dad Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Schwarzenegger's girlfriend Heather Milligan. E! News reports that he's been spending time with Shriver and Schwarzenegger's brother Patrick since August and gets along with the whole family. A source explained, "They haven't been together that long but everyone is rooting for an engagement to happen soon."

December 2018

Pratt wishes Schwarzenegger a happy birthday, revealing his nickname for her ("Chief") and saying he's "cherished" their time together. In retrospect, this should have been a big hint about what was coming. Pratt also spent a casual New Year's Eve with Schwarzenegger's family and his son.

January 2019

Eight months after they were first spotted as a couple, Pratt makes it official via Instagram, telling Schwarzenegger that he's "thrilled to be marrying you and "[p]roud to live boldly in faith with you." Schwarzenegger quickly followed suit with the same photo, saying she "[w]ouldn’t want to live this life with anyone but you."

Faris was quick to congratulate the pair on their news, showing how she and Pratt remain friends, parents, and allies despite not being together.

February 2019

Chris and Katherine are seen furniture shopping. Just a few days prior, Chris gave fans a look at the new place they'd bought together with a sweet post about Katherine measuring spaces without the proper equipment (lol):

Ever since their engagement, the pair have started to become more open about their relationship and life together, including their work with lambs on their farm:

April 2019

Chris and Katherine make their red carpet debut! They attend the Avengers: Endgame premiere together, both looking adorable and in love:

Clothing, Coat, Trousers, Dress, Shirt, Suit, Outerwear, Formal wear, Tie, Premiere,

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Chris also dished about the wedding planning and how it's going to Entertainment Tonight. "I'm up to about my neck, you know? That's pretty deep. That's up to about 5-foot-something," he laughed. "I'm in it baby, I'm in it. It's good. It's a good time!"

"We're all very blessed," he apparently added. "[It's a] good time to be here for the Avengers premiere and also good things happening for me in life. I just count my blessings every day."

Late April 2019

The wedding must be getting close now…Katherine threw her bridal shower with all of her nearest and dearest during the last weekend of April, with an intimate party held at her mother Maria Shriver’s home. According to PEOPLE, the bride-to-be was “glowing the whole afternoon, and having the best time celebration with her friends and family.”

If you didn’t get an invite, here’s everything you need to know: An insider revealed that it was suitably Instagram-worthy, and Katherine chose to wear a long white dress for the bash. “Maria definitely went all-out for the shower,” they spilled. “But it still felt very down-to-earth and intimate inside. There were fun games and a flower station where guests could make arrangements, and a gospel choir sang several songs.”

Guests included actual Oprah Winfrey, as well as Katherine’s father Arnold Schwarzenegger and, interestingly, the groom himself. Chris made an appearance later on in the party, and even made a speech in honor of his future wife.

“Katherine lit up when Chris arrived,” the source revealed. “He also gave a sweet toast. They were adorable together and he wanted her to have all the attention.”

June 2019

Katherine confirmed it: The couple wed in June. "Yesterday was the best day of our lives! We became husband and wife in front of God, our families and those we love. It was intimate, moving and emotional. We feel so blessed to begin this new chapter of our lives." The couple both wore Giorgio Armani:

April 2020

The news became official: Chris and Katherine are expecting! In a statement, the couple spoke about the news:

"Chris and Katherine are extremely happy to be pregnant with their first child. The couple knew going into their relationship that having kids together was important to them, so when they found out the news they were extremely happy. Although Katherine was busy promoting her book in the beginning of her pregnancy, she now has time to be at home and get things ready for when the new addition arrives. Chris is so excited."

July 2020

Katherine shared an occasional photo of her pregnancy, otherwise she's been private about her experience:

The last photo snapped of her was in late July—which looks like it was right before she gave birth:

los angeles, ca july 29 katherine schwarzenegger is seen on july 29, 2020 in los angeles, california photo by bg004bauer griffingc images

(Image credit: BG004/Bauer-Griffin)

August 2020

We learned that Katherine and Chris just had their first child—a baby girl! Catherine's brother Patrick confirmed the news in a video, saying, "They're doing great—just got her a little gift." On Friday, Chris' car was at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA, so fans are speculating the baby was born there.

Apparently, other members of the family has already visited: "Katherine's father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, mother, Maria Shriver, and siblings, Christina and Christopher, were snapped visiting her house. The clan later left with Arnold smoking a cigar as he headed to the car."

The couple hasn't confirmed anything officially, but that might be upcoming.

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