Michelle Obama Got the Best News About Her Book 'Becoming' On Her Birthday

Michelle Obama turns 55 today, which in and of itself is major news because she looks amazing, all the time. She's been out promoting her memoir, Becoming, giving women much-needed advice. And now, Becoming is now officially the most popular best-selling book on Amazon since Fifty Shades of Grey. 

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Michelle Obama turns 55 today, which in and of itself is major news because she looks amazing, all the time. Luckily for all of us, she's been gracing us with her presence more often lately. She's been out promoting her memoir, Becoming, giving us much-needed insight and, in one case, major fashion inspo in glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots. Although she hasn't told us how she's celebrating her special day yet, the First Lady-author-speaker-public figure's already gotten the best present that she could ask for. That's right: Becoming is now officially the most popular best-selling book on Amazon since Fifty Shades of Grey

According to CNN Business, not since the sexy Twilight-inspired book has a book had such staying power in the #1 "most sold on Amazon across all formats" list. Becoming has been #1 since it was released in November, which means that's it's been the top book for over two months. Since 1995, only seven books have held the top spot for longer, and four of them were from the super-popular Harry Potter series.

Obama has been making waves for her insights on marriage and living in the White House, and the realness with which she addresses subjects like infertility and therapy. Responses to the book have been overwhelmingly positive. (Go here to listen to an excerpt, if you're still on the fence.)

So Obama has much to celebrate for her special day. Of course, she'll probably spend it in a low-key way as she has with birthdays in the past, and she might even get a special shoutout from her husband, President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama: On top of everything, even her birthdays are better than mine.

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