Hilary Duff's Boyfriend Is Fake-Trolling Her on Instagram

Hilary Duff is a complete bad*ss mom, and better yet, she's real about it on social media. The new mom, who welcomed daughter Banks Violet Bair with boyfriend Matthew Koma in October 2018, presents the real-life struggles of taking care of two young children. Koma joined in on the Instagram discussion—but in the most hilarious, counterintuitive way.

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Hilary Duff is a badass mom, and better yet, she's honest about it on social media. Duff, who welcomed daughter Banks Violet Bair with boyfriend Matthew Koma in October 2018, often shares the real-life struggles of taking care of two young children, like dealing with breastfeeding and colic, and claps back against trolls who criticize her for her parenting style or things they see as mistakes. Recently, Koma has been chiming in on Duff's social media—in the most hilarious, counterintuitive way possible.

A couple weeks ago, Duff shared a cute post of her two children, Luca Cruz Comrie and Banks Violet Bair, adding a coffee emoji (probably to symbolize how much she needs a cup right now):

In the comments, Koma "criticized" his partner, joking, "The strings on the carpet on the left side are a little wiggly and not straight." It's a hilarious dose of fake, superficial shade.

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Then, Duff posted a video of her gently bopping the baby around, even commenting, "She lives for this (please keep all annoying shaking the baby comments for yourself!)" Koma was happy to jokingly rise to the occasion, writing, "Clearly that baby is distraught."

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Most recently, Duff posted a sweet inverted picture of Banks, and Koma joked, "Don't hold the baby upside down like that." Duff even responded, keeping up the joke: "Mind ya own," she retorted.

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In all seriousness, Koma liked Duff's empowerment post that she most recently shared:

And he's posted more serious, loved-up photos of his sweet blended family with Duff. So it's clearly all in good fun.

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