Chrissy Teigen Just Gave Us a Hilarious Insight Into Her Childhood

Listen—times have changed in the 30+ years when Chrissy Teigen was a kid. She just gave us a 30-year throwback into her own childhood, including the INTENSE stories her mom used to read her when she was young.

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Listen—times have changed in the 30-plus years since Chrissy Teigen was a kid. (Also, Chrissy and I were kids at the same time, so clearly we're destined to be BFFs.) She and John Legend give honest, revealing looks into their lives with kids Luna and Miles, particularly all the ways they're working to give them healthy, normal childhoods. But Chrissy also just gave us a 30-year throwback into her own childhood, including the intense stories her mom used to read her when she was young.

In the video, shared on Instagram and Twitter, Chrissy reads aloud to Luna one of her childhood books. It's about a winged creature who tries to fly too high, and gets halfway up a mountain before falling down to the ground and dying. The moral of the story? "Doing things beyond your ability never brings good." Way harsh, Tai.

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Obviously Chrissy didn't take the lesson too much to heart, considering she became a super-successful top model, author, actress, and social media influencer. Also, she's said her mom was totally supportive of her—so maybe the book was to balance things out? I remember kids books being kind of scary when I was a kid, though, (just Google "Puff the Magic Dragon book") so maybe it's just a sign of the changing times.

Another big insight into her childhood? Apparently Chrissy never learned how to swim! Legend posted on Twitter about how he was finally taking lessons as an adult to learn the skill, several months after his kids had started lessons as well. Chrissy responded in trademark hilarious fashion:

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Considering Chrissy used to be, I dunno, a SWIMSUIT model who was constantly near the ocean and bodies of water for photoshoots, this is magically ironic.

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