Could a 'Modern Family' Spinoff Feature Sarah Hyland's Character?

After the news that Modern Family is ending after its 11th season, stars and fans took to social media to express their sorrow and love for the show. This current season (10) has had particularly eventful milestones, the surprise pregnancy of Sarah Hyland's character Haley. Apparently, ABC is already talking spinoffs, and Hyland's character could feature in it.

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After the news that Modern Family (opens in new tab) is ending after its 11th season (opens in new tab), stars and fans took to social media to express their sorrow and love for the show. This current season (10) has had particularly eventful milestones, including a character death and the surprise pregnancy of (SPOILER) Sarah Hyland (opens in new tab)'s character Haley. Apparently, ABC is already talking spinoffs (opens in new tab), and Hyland's character could feature in it.

"I would love it. No one would be happier if there were [a spinoff]," Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, told press after a TCA panel and reported in E! News. "This next year, from what I hear, is all about...they have big plans. There are some surprises and big milestones coming. They intend to really, really go out big. So, it would be terrific if a spinoff were part of that."

Co-creator Christopher Lloyd had said previously (before the 11th season was announced) that the big plot points in the show, including the pregnancy, had invigorated the show and the writers. "It would make for a very lively last season, but if we end up doing another season—and I think it's looking a little bit more likely that will happen—we'll just throw all these changes into people's lives, which is only good in terms of new stuff for us to explore."

Not only are the changes intriguing for the ending of the show, but they might also (if the talk is to be believed) set up some interesting plotlines if a spinoff were to happen.

Hyland, of course, hasn't commented except with some sad and heartfelt messages about the show being cancelled. First, she posted a sad emoji on her Instagram Stories (which may or may not have been about the show):

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And then she posted a followup, which was DEFINITELY about the show.

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Hyland said on her Stories that she'd had a "sh*tty day" (she also admitted she'd gotten food poisoning) and was seen cuddling up with her dog—her boyfriend Wells Adams (opens in new tab) must have been elsewhere, otherwise he'd do the honors. Cheer up, Sarah! There might be good news on the horizon...

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