Record-Breaking Superstar Ariana Grande Has Trouble Over-Apologizing, Just Like Us

Theo Wargo Getty Images

    Ariana Grande has been smashing records left and right with songs from her album Thank U, Next. The latest, and thus far most amazing, feat is the fact that she's the first singer since the Beatles to have a number one album AND the top three singles on Billboard, all at the same time. Yet when the singer-actress sat down to talk about it on The Late Late Show with James Corden, all she did was apologize to him and all of us. Stars—they're just like me! (Seriously, I need to stop. It's a problem.)

    After fans and journalists noted that she'd apologized A LOT during the interview, Ariana was more than game to play along. She tweeted out a montage of every time she said "sorry," explaining that "my cancer, libra moon ass" is part of the reason for it. She swiftly added to the thread, saying, "mom, i know you’re going to hate this post. i’m working on it i promise lol." So, Ariana's mom is right, and also adorably supportive.

    Ariana also told James Cordon, as reported in Vulture, "I’ll take a break after this. I’ll go away for a little, I promise." Corden responded, “We don’t want you to,” and Grande insisted, “I do! I’m tired of my voice.”

    And, in case any of us were still curious, "Personal life: still nonexistent," she said. I mean, she sings show tunes with her friends at home, though, so her home life plans are still incredible.

    Here's Ariana's smash cut of her own apologies (I count AT LEAST 10, but the total number during the interview is apparently 13):

    And here's her tweet shouting out her mom:

    I love that self-awareness.

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