What Colton Underwood's Instagram Reveals About His Post-Show Life

Seems like the show really affected him.

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As I anxiously await the resolution to that The Bachelor season finale cliffhanger last night (seriously, Chris Harrison, I was not amused), I'm also eagerly anticipating Colton's reaction to tonight's episode—e.g. the moment it'll all be over and he can come out of the shadows. From tonight onwards, Colton will FINALLY be able to talk about what his life has been like for the past couple months—living in secret, contractually unable to tell a soul about how he jumped a fence or whether he's ended up with Cassie.

However! In the meantime, Colton has shared a few behind-the-scenes looks at how he's been keeping busy, with a hint or two of what's going on under the surface. While we all wait, biting our nails, here are all the social media hints of how the season ends and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

He's working out like a beast.

In between what must be a very busy schedule of taking showers all the time, Colton revealed that he's exercising. Probably to distract him from all the drama this season.

Colton also took some time to go snowboarding:

He doesn't seem to have been surfing any more, though, which is probably a good thing.

He traveled to Cali.

This probably has nothing at all to do with the ending of his season. (Actually, it was for an event to promote his wine, but STILL. I remain suspicious.)

He's hanging out with furry friends.

Whether or not he's secretly sneaking out to be with a potential special lady (go here for some of that drama), he's also getting support from his sweet longtime love—his dog Sniper. Colton's also got a german shepherd named Thor, and don't worry: There are pics of him, too.

Colton also went to visit his namesake, a sweet little pooch who's recovering after an attack:

And his family.

Both his parents are amicably divorced and remarried, and Colton relies on both of them for support—during the past couple months, it looks he's been turning to them during the insanity.

And some famous people.

Why Bob Saget specifically?? I don't know.

He's promoting his wine.

The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation has a 65 Roses Rosé wine, and Colton's been busy at events and posting videos about it. He's also, by extension, been talking about and doing work for his namesake foundation and other charitable causes.

The show's gotten to him.

Judging by the message on his shirt, Bachelor Nation has probably given him just a smidge of flack about his virginity, the fence, and, I don't know, the fact that he quit the show at one point?

He's got a sense of humor, though.

Colton uses Twitter to more actively engage with his fans, so I mostly learned that Colton is really tired of talking about his virginity and thinks Bachelor Nation is mostly hilarious.

Jason Mesnick remembered how he openly wept over a balcony in his season of The Bachelor, Colton at least acknowledged he didn't handle things much better. 

And he managed to find time to joke about all the sexual champagne references this season:

Definitely keep watching his accounts, though, because if he does end up with the person I think he does, there'll probably be some first-look pics of their relationship. Can't wait.

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