Jenna Dewan Attends Childhood Dance Competition, Says Life Has Come "Full Circle"

Jenna Dewan initially broke into show business as a dancer. While she was in Chicago, she dropped in on a Tremaine Dance Convention, which conducts classes and competitions. Jenna apparently started competing there when she was very young, and totally fangirled over the experience—and, she just posted a video about it.

Jenna Dewan initially broke into show business as a dancer—it's how she met ex Channing Tatum in Step Up—and she's been doing a lot of callbacks to her origins with recent Instagram posts and video. This past March, she happened to be shooting her Netflix TV show Mixtape in Chicago. While there, she dropped in on a Tremaine Dance Convention, which conducts classes and competitions for insanely talented dancers. Jenna apparently started competing there when she was very young, and totally fan-girled over the experience—and, since she just posted a video about it, we too can obsess over how amazing the dancing is.

"I legitimately grew up on Tremaine Dance Conventions," Jenna said in the video, with a picture of her as an adorable dancing tyke. "I started going when I was, like, 10. So that was like...two years ago," she joked.

"This is how I started to dance. This is how I learned to dance. I [ate], slept, breathed dance conventions.... This is a total trip for me," she added. "That was so inspiring and a full circle moment for me."

The video shows Jenna practicing, performing, handing out scholarships, and even coming up on stage to say hi. She also posted video on her Instagram Stories of watching other dancers absolutely kill it on stage.

Just two weeks ago, Jenna dropped in to another class with Galen Hooks:

And earlier this year she danced to "Taki Taki" as part of the promotion for the latest Step Up movie. Jenna, of course, looks amazing in the videos. I'm curious as to whether this is just her channeling her roots, trying to stay fit (she's already there, but I support it), or whether it's a sign of a new dance-related project Jenna is doing. TBD, but I'm excited.

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