Geri Horner Dances to an Iconic Spice Girls Track in This Sneak Peek

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    • She's dancing with a choreographer to "Say You'll Be There," and nails the moves perfectly.

        Geri Horner (a.k.a. Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice) just posted the most exciting Instagram video—a behind-the-scenes look at her preparing for the Spice Girls reunion tour this spring. It looks like she's learning/relearning dance moves to "Say You'll Be There," one of my very favorite Spice Girls songs. There's no music in the background, but her instructor says, "Won't you sing this with me?" and Geri captions the photo with the same Mel B./Scary Spice/Melanie Brown lyric.

        Geri nails the moves with crisp precision, and looks shocked and delighted, both at the choreographer and person shooting the video. Honestly, that might be my favorite part—it's been a looong time since she last performed the song, and she's still got it.

        Soooo just in case we were worried that the Spice Girls tour was in jeopardy after Mel B. claimed that she and Geri totally hooked up when the group was still together (oh my god I knew it), everything's still fine! Nothing has changed!

        Here's the dance video:

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        And just in case you want to watch (you know you want to watch), here's the original video. Boy, I really hope Geri breaks out that enormous red wig and Union Jack minidress again.

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        This is going to be so, so great. I'm still not totally over the fact that Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice/my middle school style muse won't be there, but so long as they sing "2 Become 1" I suppose that'll make up for it.

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