Sophie Turner Sent Maisie Williams the Best Voice Message About Arya's Big 'Game of Thrones' Moment

Sophie Turner, the ultimate hype girl.

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  • After episode three of Game of Thrones aired in the U.K. on Monday night, actress Sophie Turner sent her co-star Maisie Williams the best voice note about Arya Stark’s big scene.
  • On seeing Arya finally slay the Night King, Sophie hyped up her on-screen sister and IRL best friend, telling her she was “that bitch”.
  • Williams and Turner have become firm friends after years of filming together, with Williams already named as a bridesmaid for Turner’s wedding later this year.

    This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3 "The Long Night."

    Still not over the sight of Arya Stark and her dragonglass blade turning the Night King to icy dust? Same here, and neither is Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Last night, the epic third episode of season three aired in the U.K., and various British stars from the show took to social media to mark the losses and the triumphs that came with the Battle of Winterfell.

    Reeling from the sight of her onscreen sister doing the damn thing in the final moments of the episode, Turner did the same as the rest of us, and turned to her phone to vent some feelings. But, while we all headed to Twitter to admire the memes, Turner sent a passionate voice note to Arya herself and real-life BFF, Maisie Williams. And, honestly, it’s the best thing you’ll hear all day.

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    Full of pure Stark sister pride, Turner can be heard on Williams’ Instagram story, correctly saying: "You really motherf*cking are that bitch. You are that bitch. She did that. She did that. That’s right, hunty. That is right, hunty. Check out episode 3 because that bitch did that.”

    There was a similar message on her own Instagram story too. At this point, Sophie Turner is basically Maisie Williams’ own personal hype girl.

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    It’s not the first time that Turner has taken to social media to make it clear that she’s Team Arya after watching the new season. Last week, following the surprise sex scene between Arya and Gendry, Turner and her glass of red wine passed NSFW comment on the whole thing, and you've never related quite so much to Sansa Stark. These two are redefining friendship goals.

    The Sophie Turner post-show commentary is almost as entertaining as Game of Thrones itself and deserves its own HBO series, to be honest.

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