Kim Kardashian Apparently Makes $1 Million Per Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian is involved in a lawsuit that prompted the star to make public her Instagram post earnings. Although current court documents say she earns $300,000-$500,000 per Instagram post, sources close to Kim say it's actually $1 million and that the legal documents will be re-filed to reflect that.

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It's not exactly shocking to learn that Kim Kardashian makes a ton of money for posting on Instagram. But just how much does some official Kim K #sponcon run companies? A cool million a post, apparently.

The intel comes courtesy of a lawsuit Kim is involved in against fast fashion brand Missguided USA clothing company. Basically, Kim says the company used her image to sell clothes and, when the company failed to respond to the allegations, Kim decided to seek a default judgement of $5 million, TMZ reports.

In the legal documents Kim's lawyers filed to support her request, the team revealed that the reality star and mogul revealed charges between $300,000 and $500,000 for a single Instagram post—a figure that sources close to the star told TMZ is low. Apparently, the real number is closer to $1 million per Instagram post and Kim's legal team is expected to update the filing to reflect that.

Damn. Just damn, Kim. 

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Kayleigh Roberts
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