Why John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Never Cook Together

They're both pretty great at it, though.

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I've often considered my boyfriend and I to be closely similar to EGOT-winning, history-making John Legend and Sports Illustrated-covering, bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen. A recent interview with John in Hamptons magazine cemented that conviction: John and Chrissy don't cook together, he revealed, thanks to their differing styles as chefs. 

"I cook for her; she cooks for me," John told the magazine, explaining, "She's a bit more creative in the kitchen. I like to follow recipes, and I'm very good at executing them. I'll look them up online or literally in her book." (Cute!)

John's go-to—and Chrissy's favorite—is mac and cheese. "She loves my mac and cheese— the garlic is really important," he said. And his preferred recipes from Chrissy? "I love the French onion soup in her new book. It's incredible," he shared. "She also does a really good braised short rib."

Yet another striking similarity between my relationship and John and Chrissy's: we've both been surprised by exorbitant drinks bills (yes, I was caught out by two overpriced large Cokes in the movie theater, but I'm sure the experience is very much the same). John, who recently started his own wine company, LVE, told Hamptons, "We were at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the south of France and the sommelier recommended a wine, but he didn't tell us how much it was. At a certain point, you should give someone a warning when it's in the high thousands, right?"

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"When the check came, I said, 'Baby, this wine is way more than you'd expect.' But after you drink it, it's too late," he said. So John and Chrissy paid several thousands for a delicious wine, while I filled our extortionately expensive Coke cups to the very brim and did not waste space on ice. Truly, we are peas in a pod

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