Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Date Went Horribly, Hilariously Awry

Mark Brown Getty Images
    • The basketball player crashed into the singer and his model-author-actress wife, and there are photos.

        Have you ever had a date night that just took a turn? Usually it's when I spill something on something white and have to be taken home because I'm in a sulk. But that doesn't even come close to the shenanigans that befell Chrissy Teigen and John Legend last night. They had courtside seats to watch the Miami Heat play—the last home game of Dwyane Wade's professional career as a basketball player. Sounds like a perfect time, right? NOPE.

        Turns out sitting courtside can have its downside, as the player literally careened right into them—and of course, there are photos. Dwyane Wade: date crasher (Sorry, terrible pun).

        Miami Herald Sports tweeted the photo, asking Chrissy if she wanted a copy. Everything about the picture is the best ever. Chrissy, whose straw looks like it's about to go up her nose. The guy to our left, who's sort of half-heartedly trying to help after the fact. John, who's now wearing his drink. The dude behind him, who might have gotten a faceful of it too. And Dwyane, right there at the center, calm as can be, focused solely on the ball and the game.

        Chrissy, being Chrissy, got hilariously on board with the whole situation, responding, "a renaissance painting." Actually, it kind of does look like one and I think everyone involved should be honored to be a part of it:

        Fans totally got in on the action, claiming Dwyane ran into Chrissy because he was just so psyched to meet her. Chrissy responded, "It was an honor!!!":

        John, meanwhile, updated us all on his drink: He's still got it, but it's mostly on his face.

        Considering how funny these two are, I feel like this is the perfect date night for them. You know they're gonna be laughing about this for mooooonths.

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