Meghan Markle Got a Gorgeous, Meaningful Cake as a Birthday Surprise

Luminary Bakery sent Meghan Markle a very special, handcrafted cake to celebrate her recent birthday. Their work is gooorgeous.

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Oooo I love this. In an exclusive to HELLO!, it was revealed that Luminary Bakery supplied Meghan Markle with a very special, handcrafted cake to celebrate her recent birthday. Their work is gooorgeous (more on that in a sec), and it's not the first time the Duchess of Sussex has been involved with them and their work. Apparently, this is "the very same bakery that the Duchess praised in her recent guest-edited issue of [British] Vogue."

The east London bakery is a trailblazing venture that not only serves up some of the best cakes in the capital, but is also on a mission to empower some of London’s most vulnerable women by lifting them out of poverty and violence. The social enterprise gets disadvantaged women in London back on their feet, offering them employment opportunities and invaluable culinary skills—all in the name of damn good cakes.

Meghan even sent them a thank you note for being part of the Vogue project when the issue came out:

And here's what the cake itself looked like:

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Here are a few pictures of the bakery's incredible work:

Ugh, why can't there be a branch of this bakery in the United States? I would buy one immediately and my birthday isn't for another (does a quick mental calculation) 10 months!

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