Janet Jackson Surprised a Super Fan and the Video Will Make You Cry

His face!

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I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to feel like my Father's Day gift to my beloved dad was inadequate. Back in June, Twitter user KB Strawder Jr. posted a thoroughly adorable clip of him and his brother surprising their dad with tickets to see one Janet Jackson, icon, in Las Vegas. And it looks like Ms. Jackson saw the clip: After the show, she surprised him with a hug, captured in a video that has over 200,000 likes on Twitter and counting. Wow, I've really got to do better with my dad's next gift.

In KB's first video, he presents his unsuspecting dad (not named in the video) with an average looking sheet of paper, which happens to feature tickets to see Janet at her Las Vegas residency. His dad's reaction is an absolute delight: He leaps from the couch and runs across the room, exclaiming, "Oh my goodness!" Again, and I don't mean to shame you here—has any gift you've ever given your relatives received a reaction like that?

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The second clip, filmed after the show, is even sweeter: KB's dad talks to someone off camera, describing his favorite part of the concert. ("Right at the beginning, when she came down," he said. "That was a highlight for me, just seeing her on stage.") Unbeknownst to him, Janet is standing behind him the whole time; she hugs him and telling him, "That's really sweet," eliciting an enormous gasp. And if you need to pause the video right there, just to take in the expression on his face, you're not alone: Multiple Twitter users took a screenshot.

Janet and her number one fan go on to have a conversation in the video clip, though it's hard to hear exactly what they talk about. Let's just say the Best Sons of 2019 prize has already been awarded to the Strawder brothers—and the rest of us really need to step it up.

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