Brooke Shields on Her First Job, Cheetos, and Why a Margarita Is the Answer to Everything

Brooke Shields, a star of this month’s indie comedy 'My Boyfriend’s Meds,' the onetime Ivory Soap baby, and an OG supermodel, talks love and career advice.

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A star of this month’s indie comedy My Boyfriend’s Meds, the onetime Ivory Soap baby and OG supermodel still has plenty on her bucket list.

1. The three qualities that got me where I am today: Perseverance, honesty, and humor.

2. Most agonizing career decision I’ve ever made: Taking on any Broadway show. You know you’re not going to have much of a life outside of it, and it depletes you physically and emotionally.

3. Easiest career decision I’ve ever made: Saying yes to Suddenly Susan.

4. Kind of work I’d do for free: Interior design.

5. How did you make your first dollar? As the Ivory Soap baby in 1966 at 11 months old.

6. Last thing I binge-watched: Killing Eve.

7. Book that left a lasting impression on me: Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese.

8. Song that always makes me cry: “My Funny Valentine.”

9. First album you bought? Cherish, by David Cassidy.

10. On my bucket list: Learning how to play the piano.

11. Food I’m not ashamed to admit I love: Cheetos.

12. Cocktail of choice: Margarita on the rocks, no salt (and not too sweet).

13. If I could live in a foreign city, it would be: London.

14. How my perfect day would begin: With a cup of PG Tips black tea and my New York Times.

15. How my perfect day would end: Margarita on the rocks, no salt (and not too sweet).

16. Store I can’t leave without buying something: Sephora and the Container Store.

17. How I clear my mind after a crappy day: Margarita on the rocks, no salt (and not too sweet).

18. Something nice I did for myself recently because, hey, why not: I took myself away to the Bahamas, alone, for my birthday.

19. The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dead hands: Any product by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

20. My first kiss: Keith Carradine in Pretty Baby (but he assured me it didn’t count).

21. Relationship advice to my younger self: Have more confidence in yourself.

22. The craziest thing I did for love: I chased after a guy’s car and tried to grab on to the window because he was leaving me.

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Brooke Shields on-set as Violet, filming "Pretty Baby" in New Orleans, LA in 1977.

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This story originally appeared in the August 2019 issue of Marie Claire.




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