Courteney Cox Trolls Herself With a Post About a Magazine Interview She Gave in 1998 About Madonna's Style

Courteney Cox took to Instagram this weekend to troll herself with a post about an interview she gave about Madonna's style way back in 1988.

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2019 Courteney Cox is trolling 1988 Courteney Cox and it's kind of the best.

Yesterday, the delightfully self-aware Friends star took to Instagram to share an old magazine clip. The page features Courteney, looking so very '80s with whispy bangs, a strapless halter top, and a bold lip, next to a quote the actress gave about none other than Madonna:

"It’s not so much what you’s the way you say it. #fbf #deepthoughts #profound#madonna," Courteney captioned the hilarious vintage post.

Busy Philipps jumped in on the thread, commenting, "Oh wow-this is wonderful. Also. Did you know it's Madonna's birthday today????"

It seems like, yeah, Courteney would have had to know that and that would help explain why she shared the post in the first place, but NO. She didn't, apparently.

"@busyphilipps what? No haha! Happy birthday Madonna!!" the Friends alum replied, in perfect Monica fashion.

Check out the post for yourself below:

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