Emma Watson and Tom Felton Had a 'Harry Potter' Reunion That Will Make Your Potterhead Heart Sing

Some fans are convinced the pair are dating...

Listen: It's never not going to be lovely when old Harry Potter co-stars reunite. And we're all prone to just a little bit of shipping when certain couples alignfor instance, Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who popped up on Tom's Instagram Monday playing guitar in their pyjamas. Some fans are convinced the two are dating, but relationship or not, it's really very cute to see them hanging out. 

Tom posted a photo of the pair in South Africa, both sporting pyjamas (Emma's are extremely Hermione, it must be said), with Tom teaching Emma how to play the guitar. The caption, "Quick learner x," is ever so slightly superfluous, since we all know Emma's a genius even in the Muggle world. Regardless, it's an adorable photo, which sent the Hermione-Draco shippers (I believe the kids are calling it "Dramione") absolutely giddy in the comments.

Tom's next photo only adds fuel to the fire: He's sitting cross-legged on the beach, two thumbs up, wearing a t-shirt that reads, "WOMEN DO IT BETTER." The "EW" photo credit in the caption is kind of unnecessary, let's be honestdoes a more Emma Watson t-shirt exist? There's also the small matter that he's worn the shirt before, in Emma's presence no less: Back in November, she posted a video on Instagram of the two riding a longboard, both having the absolute time of their lives. (Emma captioned it, "#TFToleratingmysubparskatingskillssince1999," which conjures a very cute image of baby Malfoy attempting to teach baby Hermione how to skate on the HP set.)

This isn't the first time they've hung out this year, or even documented their time together: In February, Emma posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram of herself in the driver's seat, captioned, "Friends capture you best," with Tom tagged. And yes, that pointed "friends" is admittedly un-ignorable. My conclusion: Whether romantic or purely platonic, I heartily endorse this relationship.

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Emily Dixon
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