The Fab Four Discussed Their "Disagreements" in Their First (and So Far Only) Group Interview

During their first group interview, back in February 2018, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William touched on disagreements.

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You know all those rumors that the Fab Four (Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle) are feuding? Turns out, the royals addressed their "disagreements" in their very first (and so far only) group interview, way back in February 2018, before Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

When Meghan and Harry got engaged, the "Fab Four" nickname was applied to the royal group pretty much immediately. By just a few months later, however, rumors that Will, Kate, Harry, and Meghan were having ~issues~ were running rampant.

During an interview at the Royal Foundation Forum in early 2018, before the feud rumors took off, interviewer Tina Daheley asked the group if they ever have family disagreements—which prompted was Express describes as "awkward" giggling from the royals. 

"Oh, yes," Will said in response to the question.

"[They are] healthy disagreements," Harry added.

When Daheley asked for more detail about the disagreements, Harry dodged giving specifics, saying, "I can’t remember, they come so thick and fast."

And when Daheley asked if any of their most recent disagreements had been resolved, Will reportedly shrugged and said, "Is it resolved? We don’t know."

Then, the Duke of Cambridge elaborated a bit, adding:

"We’ve got four different personalities and we’ve got the same passions to make a difference, but different opinions. I think those opinions work really really well. Working as a family does have its challenges and the fact that everyone is laughing shows they know exactly what it’s like. We’re stuck together for the rest of our lives."

Of course, while the Fab Four are "stuck" together as family, they have split their households and much of their charitable work in recent months—decisions that have fueled rumors of a feud.

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