Chrissy Teigen Dug Out Luna's Iconic Hot Dog Costume for Little Brother Miles

A legend rises again!

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Cast your mind back to 2016, when Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, Luna, wore a hot dog costume for Halloween—and, if the photo Teigen shared on Instagram is anything to go by, absolutely despised every minute of it. "have you ever seen a more "why me?" face," Teigen captioned the instantly Legendary (sorry) photo, which has racked up over one million likes and firmly cemented Luna's status as Iconic Celebrity Baby.

Perhaps you might imagine that said hot dog costume is now languishing at the back of an attic somewhere, or was swiftly consigned to a thrift store after Luna made her displeasure very clear. Well, I have happy news for you, friend. The Teigen-Legends still own the costume; in fact, Luna's little brother Miles has inherited the hot dog, according to a video Teigen posted on Twitter. And he seems a lot more pleased with it that Luna, merrily wearing it about the house. A happy ending for the hot dog!

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Speaking of Miles: In case you missed it, it is my absolute honor to introduce you to a video of him playing the piano with his EGOT-winning dad John Legend. In the video, which Teigen posted on Instagram with the extremely fitting caption "stop everything," Legend plays and sings "My Favorite Things," with Miles taking part on the piano.

As Good Morning America reports, it went down extremely well with the couple's celebrity friends: Vanessa Hudgens commented, "I can’t stop watching this," Jessica Alba said, "It’s VERY Sweet," and Gwyneth Paltrow wrote, "Oh my flipping lord." All sentiments I wholeheartedly agree with!

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