Jennifer Garner Films 'Friends' Scene With Legos to Welcome Jennifer Aniston to Instagram

"He's a transpons...transponster!" "THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORD!"

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An announcement for fellow Friends fanatics: Jennifer Garner is one of us.

In its 10 year run, Friends produced some genuinely perfect episodes. There's The One Where Everybody Finds Out (GET OFF MY SISTER!), The One With the Cop (better known as the PIVOT! episode), every single Thanksgiving episode ("What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Beef, GOOD!"), and, of course, the one with the trivia game, which is actually called The One With the Embryos.

The trivia game—and its lightening round—has some epic moments, and is the kind of scene Friends fans love to quote at each other ("Joey had an imaginary childhood friend. His name was..." "Maurice." "Correct. His profession was..." "Space cowboy!" Honestly, I could do this ALL DAY.), but yesterday, Friends enthusiast Jennifer Garner took it one step further.

To celebrate her friend and Friends alum Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram (and, surprise, at this time, Aniston already has 7.8 MILLION followers on the platform), Garner filmed a video reenacting the entire scene with Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey competing in Ross's trivia game using Friends Legos. Yes. Truly. And it's everything you'd hoped it would be and then even more:

Some of my favorite moments: Her attention to detail with Chandler's bouncing at the beginning; Lego Chandler momentarily losing his Lego hair and Garner's whispered Oh shoot; Phoebe's Nestle Toulouse reference at the end; and, of course, "He's a transpons... transponster!" THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORD!" It's really a work of art. Here's the original for reference:

Jennifer Aniston enjoyed the video so much she made it her first ever Instagram Story, which is lovely, but I think this deserves even more recognition. Who's going to nominate Jennifer Garner for an Emmy? Also, JG, let me know if you need help producing the next episode. I think I've achieved true *Unagi*. We can make sandwiches!

Unless, of course, you're on a break.

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