Cardi B Covered 'Vogue' and Talked Feminism, Bernie Sanders, and Trump

"Certain women that claim they are feminists only think that a certain type of woman should represent that," Cardi said.

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To self-proclaimed "feminists" whose practice doesn't actually live up to the title, Cardi B has a very important message for you in her January Vogue cover story. "Women always want to talk about feminism and supporting everybody," she said, "except if it doesn’t fit your category of what to support."

"Certain women that claim they are feminists only think that a certain type of woman should represent that. Like oh, you have to have a college degree, and you have to fucking be, practically, like, a senator or Mother Teresa or a Christian holy woman," Cardi continued. "No, you do not. Feminism means being equal to a man. And I am." Play it through loudspeakers! Put it on billboards! Wear it on a t-shirt!

Cardi went on to support Medicare for All, saying, "It’s like, why is this such a successful country and we don’t have Medicare for everyone? It’s like, how are people gonna work if they’re sick? People gonna fucking be paying forever. And we don’t have freaking free schools? That discourages people to want to go to school if you gotta pay for it."

And she offered a searingly accurate take on Trump, too. "Because he was an entertainer, Trump knows how to get them to keep on talking about him. All these little antics that he do, like get into arguments with Chrissy Teigen, it’s just techniques to get attention. And I get that. You like a certain artist that do crazy shit. But this person is in charge of our country. This person is in charge of our well-being," she said.

"When it comes to my president, I want my president to be, like, extremely holy. That is the person I want to look up to," Cardi continued. "I don’t want my president to have any hatred toward a certain type of people. I don’t want my president to be arguing with freaking celebrities or caring what people think of him. I want my president to tell me an answer on shit that really matters. I don’t want my president to entertain me. I just don’t."

Forgive me, for I'm about to utter the most overused of clichés, but seriously: Cardi 2024!

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