Chrissy Teigen Had an Emotional Moment at Yoga Class About Her Post-Baby Body Insecurities

"I could have cried," Teigen tweeted.

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If it's starting to seem like I report on Chrissy Teigen's social media on a daily basis, that's because I do, and I will not apologize for it, for each and every day she delivers a new gem unto the world. On Tuesday night, she shared an emotional moment from her first yoga class, in which she addressed her body insecurities after giving birth to baby Miles, younger brother to Luna, last year.

Teigen tweeted that she griped about her stomach to the yoga instructor, who responded, "well didn't you just have a baby!?" Teigen continued: "I said "no, like 18 months ago" and she said "that's JUST" and let me tell you, true or not I could have cried." And judging by the likes, almost 200,000 followers can very much relate to that tweet.

Teigen, as anyone who follows her is no doubt aware, keeps it candid on social media, eschewing a faux sheen of perfection in favor of speaking honestly about her life and insecurities (thank you, Chrissy!) And she's made a habit of refusing to contribute to the illusion of the instant post-childbirth bounce back. Back in July 2018, as People reports, she posted a video of her stretch marks on her Instagram story, commenting, "I guess these just aren’t going to go away. This is my new body."

In March this year, she talked about adjusting to her "new normal" weight, tweeting, "basically I am 20 pounds heavier than I was before miles. he's 10 months old, I never lost the last bit because I just love food too much. Just coming to terms with my new normal, when I had this certain number for so long!" She followed up with a tweet worthy of cross-stitching onto something: "the thinnest I've ever been was right after Luna. Postpartum depression. I'LL TAKE THESE POUNDS AND THIS FEELING!"

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