Kristen Bell Shares Rare Glimpse at Her and Dax Shepard's Parenting Techniques

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  • In a new video Friday, Kristen Bell shared a rare look into her and Dax Shepard's parenting style.
    • In the clip, Shepard discusses cursing and using the middle finger with one of the couple's young daughters.
      • Bell, for her part, can barely contain her laughter in the video.

        Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are notoriously protective of their daughters, Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5, but this weekend, the actress gave fans a rare peek into her and Shepard's parenting style.

        In a series of Instagram Story videos on Friday, Bell revealed her (hilarious) reactions to a conversation between Shepard and one of their daughters about cursing and using the middle finger.

        In the video (which, for the record, was filmed in a public space), their daughter tells her dad about a kid at school who uses the middle finger constantly. Here's how the conversation (which Bell could hardly contain her laughter during) went down:

        Daughter: "He says this is 'f*ck. He says that every time in school."
        Shepard: "He does? He's naughty."
        Daughter: "The teacher says that's a bad word.
        Shepard: "Yeah, that's not a nice word. You know, that that's a naughty finger and I never see you do that. It makes me so proud that you know that, yet you don't do it. Well you did it a couple of times when you were young, before you knew it was a naughty word.
        "One time you couldn't get a shirt on in your bedroom and you let it fly. Then later that day, you were in the swimming pool and you let one fly. But since then you've really curbed it."
        Daughter: "You guys didn't tell me 'f*ck' was a bad word when I was little."
        Shepard: "You're right, we just ignored it. We hoped that you didn't say it a lot, which seemed to work."

        A fan account posted the video, which you can watch below:

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        "I have been waiting for this conversation since the day I got pregnant," Bell wrote on the video. "The one where we talk about what fingers mean what when u hold em up. I [am] fidgeting because I am trying so hard not to laugh. It's excruciating. @daxshepard you handled this brilliantly."

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