Chrissy Teigen Shares Hostage-Style Video to Prove Their Hamster Is Alive

"We don't have a newspaper to hold up."

Chrissy Teigen
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  • In news you didn't know you needed this morning, Chrissy Teigen addressed the...hamster drama (who knew?) by letting everyone know Peanut Butter is alive.
  • She really leaned in, by explicitly establishing the date and time (husband John Legend explained they didn't have a newspaper they could hold up).
  • Teigen has very strict rules for posting about her kids, and conceivably their pets too, and it's really sweet.

Chrissy Teigen is hilariously fed up about all her fans questioning whether the family hamster, Peanut Butter, is alive. So she has shared a video on Instagram that proves it, dammit, so stop asking. And, because she's Chrissy, she shared a video with the hamster that explicitly included the date and time, like a hostage video but for a tiny animal who's being spoiled with love and snacks. 

In the video, "Who's this?" she asks daughter Luna. "Peanut Butter!" she squeals adorably. "And what is today's date?" Teigen follows up. After a bit of debate (looks like Luna's still working on her days of the week), they settle it: Thursday, January 9. "And Peanut Butter is alive," Teigen underscores once and for all—the extended video's in her Instagram Stories. "We don't have a newspaper to hold up but my phone says it," adds John Legend. Peanut Butter snuggles happily with Luna looking perfectly content, and completely ignorant of the drama surrounding her.

The Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Insta account got in on the fun, saying, "Peanut Butter actually runs our Instagram account 🐹." YES.

If you remember, Teigen utterly freaked out when she lost the hamster in the house (twice) shortly after they got her, and needed fan input on how to find and also take care of the little critter. It was tremendously amusing at the time, but fans have apparently not forgotten and need verification of Peanut Butter's continued existence. And she really, really called their bluff. I love her so much.


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