Chrissy Teigen Just Acted Out 'Luigi's Mansion 3' on the Set of a Shoot

Teigen said she felt "sad and alone" after finishing the game.

Chrissy Teigen
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Most fans of the Teigen-Legend household are probably aware of Chrissy Teigen's devotion to Luigi's Mansion 3, the Nintendo Switch game she speaks frequently about on Twitter. So really, it makes perfect sense that Teigen should perform a live-action interpretation of the game, brandishing a steamer at a cake stand filled with macarons to mimic Luigi vacuuming up ghosts. And it makes absolute sense that Teigen performed in a stately dining room, wearing a white feathered gown, as husband John Legend threw coins and notes for her to vacuum.

"that’s john throwing the coins and honestly no one on this fucking set understood what was happening," Teigen subsequently tweeted. Neither do I, Chrissy, but frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

An additional very good tweet: A decent proportion of Teigen's followers appeared to believe the set (she didn't reveal what they were shooting) was, in fact, the Teigen-Legend family home. So she set them straight: "this is not my house. that isn't real food. how rich and old do u think we are," she tweeted.

Teigen thoroughly documented her emotional journey through Luigi's Mansion 3—back in December, she tweeted, "LUIGI’S MANSION 3 IS AN INCREDIBLE WORK OF ART," adding several days later, "having a rough time with piano boss on luigi’s mansion. I don’t need tips on how to beat him. I know what to do. He’s just a bitch."

And then, in January, the final instalment: "just finished luigi’s mansion 3. I feel sad and alone now." Evidently, she's not ready to let Luigi go just yet.

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