Chrissy Teigen Reflects on the Wisdom of Not Letting John Legend Break Up With Her

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    • A fan said Teigen was her inspiration for doing that, and Teigen added that her decision was "life-changing."
      • Teigen's pretty lovey-dovey over Legend on the regular, and here's proof.

        Chrissy Teigen has gone on record to explain that one time, when now-husband John Legend was being a "whiny face," he tried to break up with her and she said no thanks. She re-addressed it again last night with a sweet message about it...and now I'm crying, because I love them.

        Here's how it went down. A fan (@vitamin_bee89) explained how inspired she was by Teigen's behavior (lol). "I absolutely adore ⁦Chrissy Teigen⁩ and ⁦John Legend⁩‘s relationship. I need to remember this the next time a guy tries to break up with me and they’re being a 'whiny face,'" she wrote.

        Chrissy quoted the tweet and replied, "a life changing 'no.'" Which is, TBH, the cutest thing because the two now have the most adorable babies ever. If you remember, her original tweet on the matter in 2017 explained, "It wasn't a a typical breakup. He was on tour and his voice hurt and he was being a whiny face about everything and so yeah, I was like 'no.'" Go Chrissy! But she's obviously feeling a little more nostalgic on the matter right now. And I love her to pieces for it.

        Fans added on in the comments. "You didn't even know he is the sexiest man alive. Taking risks pays off," said one. Others explained they do the same thing: "'yeah I just don't think that'll work for me.. pick me up at 8?'" "My husband and I always joke we will never split up because our 500 DVD collection would be to[o] hard to divide up," said another (lol).

        Here's the tweet:

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        May they stay married forever, honestly.

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