Blake Lively Shares the Story of Ryan Reynolds Catching Her With a Handsome Italian (Hand Therapist)

As she promotes The Rhythm Section, Blake Lively shared the story of breaking her hand. She ended up having hand therapy with a very handsome Italian man and got worried that Ryan Reynolds would be jealous.

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  • As she promotes The Rhythm Section, Blake Lively shared the story of breaking her hand while she was on set.
  • She ended up having hand therapy with a very handsome Italian man and got worried that Ryan Reynolds would be jealous (lol).
  • Lively's bowl cut for the movie makes her look so different, btw.

Blake Lively's in the middle of promoting her new movie, The Rhythm Section, and she pretty consistently has amazing stories about her fam and the work that she does. Last night she was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she shared the long, terrible, cringeworthy saga of how she totally "busted" her hand while shooting the movie. 

It all started when she accidentally punched Jude Law in the elbow instead of the face (I already hate where this is headed). "I separated this ligament here, so my knuckles are kind of dropped. Then I dislocated these two bones, and broke some things," she explained (OW). "My hand just like, basically turned to party confetti. It was just like, [mimes explosion], upon contact," she told Fallon (GAHH).

After two surgeries, she's in a better place, but Lively says more seriously: "I gave my right hand for this movie!" And while she was at the doctor she decided to show off all her "dad jokes": "You should see the other guy!" she laughed.

And husband Ryan Reynolds—they never work at the same time, FYI—came to visit a few days after she started shooting. He was lying in bed waking up while she was having intense hand therapy with a super handsome therapist Pierre Luigi—and she absolutely flipped out worried what Reynolds would think about this handsome Italian man shouting "Inspiration!" at her. (Lol!)

The story starts at about 2:30 of this video, if you want to see:

And Lively shared a photo of herself high on pain meds and recovering in the hospital back in November while Reynolds comforted her (and also, took pics, because that sounds about right):

Arm, Photography,

(Image credit: Blake Lively)

I love those two so much.

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