Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Take a Stroll in New York City Together

Yesterday in New York, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted arm in arm strolling around the city. The super-private couple looked so happy and relaxed.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were just spotted walking out and about in New York in the most casual outfits of all time—and I love it. The private couple share occasional moments from their lives, but they rarely post with their kids (case in point? We still don't know their youngest daughter's name). And they don't usually go into detail about their relationship beyond the occasional joke or red carpet pic. So this is a rare treat, is what I'm saying.

Lively's wearing a very on-trend long military jacket—TBD on the ID—which makes her look warm and comfy. (I might be fully jealous and hoping to snag one of my own so I can throw it on when the weather's gross.) She accessorized with an almost-matching beanie, multi-colored scarf, black joggers, and casual black and white leather Vans trainers. Oh and those are shoppable, so you're welcome. Also, black joggers are what I wear every day, so thanks, Blake, for making me feel like I could be you one day. 

The fact that they are just casually chatting arm in arm honestly just makes my day, because I love them with my whole heart. The last time Lively posted about her husband on Insta was when the duo took a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream in December 2019. Their trip inspired some serious date night envy (not pictured: whether their kids tagged along) among the pink candy-themed exhibits. So this latest outing is confirmation that the couple is still going strong—not that we needed it, but it gives me the warm fuzzies all over again.

Here's the full lewk:

I love it.

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