The Queen Missed Church Today Because of "Safety Concerns" Due to Storm Ciara

The Queen missed church on Sunday due to safety concerns over high winds caused by Storm Ciara.

(Image credit: LINDSEY PARNABY)
  • This weekend, reports broke that the Queen skipped church services in Norfolk due to "safety concerns."
  • Buckingham Palace told HELLO! magazine that the monarch cancelled the outing because of public safety worries due to high winds in the area.
  • The high winds are the result of Storm Ciara, which is devastating much of the UK with winds up to 93 miles per hour.

Queen Elizabeth put her safety first this morning and skipped her usual Sunday outing to church.

The monarch decided not to attend church services in Norfolk due to "safety concerns," HELLO! magazine reports. Buckingham Palace told the outlet that the Queen skipped the outing because of public safety concerns due to high winds in the area.

And, honestly, that's kind of an understatement. The "high winds" the Palace is referring to are being caused by Storm Ciara, which is currently devastating many parts of the UK. The storm is so intense that many trains, flights, and ferries have been cancelled and the winds from the storm have been clocked at speeds of up to 93 miles per hour, according to the Independent.

In addition to the wind conditions, Storm Ciara is slamming much of the UK with rain—so much so that nearly 80 flood warnings are in place across the country.

tl;dr: The Queen skipped church today because of a massive, dangerous storm, and we would have definitely done the same. 

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