Reactions to the Fantasy Suite Episode of 'The Bachelor' Are Intense

"The devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder."

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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I don't know about you, but my personal favorite moment from The Bachelor's Fantasy Suites episode was when Peter Weber announced that he did not, in fact, think about other women when on a date with Hannah Ann Sluss (the gentleman we all dream of!). Shortly followed by when he said that everything was perfect with Victoria Fuller apart from "the communication." Other highlights included: a moody and slightly mumbling date with Fuller that Weber described as a wonderful moment of bonding; and Madison Prewett telling an uncomfortable-looking Sluss that she didn't want Weber to sleep with another woman...just after Sluss' Fantasy Suite date.

The Fantasy Suite episode of The Bachelor is always one of my favorites; it marries the concept of pristine, God-given love so prized by this show and two people who have spent months considering what it would be like to rip each other's clothes off finally getting the chance to do so. This one did not disappoint, particularly since we know that this season ends in an atypical way, and every new episode gets us a little further to figuring out exactly how this all goes down.

Twitter found this episode as equal parts baffling and entertaining as I, I'm happy to say.

There Were Mixed Feelings About Madison's Ultimatum

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Yes, This Was Very Titanic

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This Is An Important Point

Seriously, though.

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