Who Does Peter's Mom Sob About In That Emotional Clip?

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. In one trailer for The Bachelor, we get a rare show fast-forward in which Peter Weber is seen freaking out over...something (TBD on the specifics, since even Reality Steve still doesn't know the show ending yet). Weber's beloved mother tearfully says, "Don't let her go. Don't let her go. Bring her home. Bring her home to us." Poor Weber looks absolutely devastated, saying he has no idea what to do, and fans collectively said, "Wait, what??"

So, the next question all of us have is: Who the heck is she talking about? Why is she so upset? Has a mother ever had such an important role in who the Bachelor selects before? (Technically that's more than one question, but you get it.) So let's break out what we do know—I'll say this right off the bat that we don't yet know, but there are only a couple people it could be.

Here's the clip.

So in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, or want to relive the moment for yourself, the moment takes place at 2:10. In case you forgot, Weber is super close to his family—they all work or have worked in the aviation industry, his parents have been married for decades (Weber brings that up a lot), and they even showed up on the show after Weber was eliminated. I mean, we watched their vow renewal during episode one. They're important.

So I imagine that he considers his family a really critical part in his decision-making process. And this seems like it's throwing a massive monkey wrench into everything.

And here's who it could be.

We know Weber's top two women—Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett—even though we have no idea what went down during his "unusual" season finale. We know he did not get engaged but that he is with someone now, post-show. TBD on whether his mother's words happen before or after the final rose. If it's the latter, it might have influenced his decision to pursue one of them after the show was over.

There's some speculation that it could be Hannah Brown making a comeback, which I get—she and Weber clearly had unfinished business in episode two, when Brown cried and Weber suggested she join his season so they could have another shot, and Weber's mom has met and liked her—but according to Reality Steve and other sources, it's not. Episode two is apparently the last time we see Brown.

The showdown also might have something to do with Victoria Fuller, who comes in third place and apparently causes a whole lot of drama during the season. We already know she talked Weber into bringing her back onto the show once, around hometown dates, so...maybe she comes back a second time? It feels like the most unlikely option, but maybe that's what got Weber and the producers so freaked out.

I'm going to wildly speculate here and say...I think it's Prewett. She attended Weber's parents' vow renewal, and Weber said his parents loved her. He even gave her a picture of all of them together. This feels like an early edge on the other women and a clear sign that she got that coveted family approval early on.

Please be advised, though, that this is a wild guess and I will update the story when I know more.

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