Who Does Peter's Mom Cry About In That Emotional Clip?

In one 'Bachelor' preview clip, Peter Weber's mom, crying, says, "Don't let her go. Bring her home to us."

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. In one trailer for The Bachelor, we get a rare show fast-forward in which Peter Weber is seen freaking out over...something (TBD on the specifics, since even Reality Steve doesn't know how the show ends). Weber's mom, who he's close to, is crying in the clip, and tells her son: "Don't let her go. Don't let her go. Bring her home. Bring her home to us." Poor Weber looks absolutely devastated, saying he has no idea what to do, and fans collectively said, "Wait, what??"

So, the next question all of us have is: Who the heck is she talking about? Why is she so upset? Has a mother ever had such an important role in who the Bachelor selects before? (Technically that's more than one question, but you get it.) So let's break out what we do know—I'll say this right off the bat that we don't yet know, but there are only a couple people it could be.

My theory: It's Madison Prewett.

Update, 2/14: Based on everything we know—including the new, additional clip that shows Peter's mom adding: "This is what love stories are made out of. God has placed her there for you"—I feel comfortable saying, with no proof whatsoever, that she's talking about Madison Prewett.

Why, you ask? Well, first, we know—spoiler alert—that it all comes down to Prewett and fellow contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, and then...something happens that throws off the normal ending (and the drama may not be over yet, judging by Chris Harrison and Weber's comments). Reality Steve's theory? That Prewett, who is a virgin, leaves the show voluntarily when Weber reveals that he's had sex with another contestant (this is evidenced by clips in which Prewett says she's saving herself for marriage, and Weber tells a contestant that he's "been intimate" with someone the week before). This would tie in with the clip—perhaps Weber is explaining to his mom that Prewett has left the show, and Peter's mom tells him that he needs to go and fix things.

My other piece of evidence? Weber's mom has already met Prewett, in episode one when Prewett is present for Weber's parents' vow renewal. His family took to Prewett so much that Weber even gave her a framed photo of his family with her. And we know that if Prewett makes the top two, she probably spends more time with Weber's family—because the top two contestants always meet the parents—and maybe that's when Weber's mom falls for Prewett even more, and essentially decides that Prewett should become part of the family.

This is my theory, and I am sticking to it.

Here's more evidence for my theory.

Update, 2/11: Excuse me while I put on my detective hat, because more evidence has emerged in this case! In the promo for hometown dates, we see an extended version of the clip that we've all been obsessing over. In it, Peter's mom adds: "This is what love stories are made out of. God has placed her there for you." Then the old clip we've seen before plays again—the emotional "bring her home, bring her home to us" part.

It's at 2:20, below:

So in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, or want to relive the moment for yourself, the moment takes place at 2:10. In case you forgot, Weber is super close to his family—they all work or have worked in the aviation industry, his parents have been married for decades (Weber brings that up a lot), and they even showed up on the show after Weber was eliminated. I mean, we watched their vow renewal during episode one. They're important. 

So I imagine that he considers his family a really critical part in his decision-making process. And this seems like it's throwing a massive monkey wrench into everything.

Also, Prewett was spotted filming with producers.

Another piece of potential Evidence, at least to my mind: Prewett was spotting filming with producers in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama. Now, this means one of two things, most likely: One, that Prewett and Weber are being filmed post-show because the show didn't end in a "typical" way—maybe he didn't end up engaged to anyone, but went chasing after Prewett à la Colton Underwood, and producers want to check in on their life now; or maybe he's showing up to surprise her and beg her to take him back.

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Alternatively, it could mean that Prewett is being filmed for some early intro footage for The Bachelorette. If Sluss and Weber do end up together, as some Venmo stalking might suggest, then the Bachelorette spot is Prewett's to lose. The other top contestants, Weier and Fuller, weren't framed in a particularly flattering light in this season, so it's unlikely that they're considered fan favorites.

Everything else we know about this moment.

Original post: We know Weber's top two women—Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett—even though we have no idea what went down during his "unusual" season finale. We know he did not get engaged but that he is with someone now, post-show. TBD on whether his mother's words happen before or after the final rose. If it's the latter, it might have influenced his decision to pursue one of them after the show was over.

There's some speculation that it could be Hannah Brown making a comeback, which I get—she and Weber clearly had unfinished business in episode two, when Brown cried and Weber suggested she join his season so they could have another shot, and Weber's mom has met and liked her—but according to Reality Steve and other sources, it's not. Episode two is apparently the last time we see Brown.

The showdown also might have something to do with Victoria Fuller, who comes in third place and apparently causes a whole lot of drama during the season. We already know she talked Weber into bringing her back onto the show once, around hometown dates, so...maybe she comes back a second time? It feels like the most unlikely option, but maybe that's what got Weber and the producers so freaked out.

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