Hilary Duff Switched Up Her Hair From Blonde Lengths to a Bright Blue Bob

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  • Hilary Duff just revealed a major hair transformation on Instagram, debuting a bright blue bob.
  • While she didn't confirm whether she'd dyed her hair or opted for a wig, a subsequent Instagram story with her new color intact suggests the former.
  • Duff's experimented with different styles in the past, but recently she's stuck to her signature look: long, blonde balayage waves.

    With the hair salon a distant memory and boredom an omnipresent companion, who amongst us hasn't considered a little DIY hair revamp? Someone who actually took the plunge: Hilary Duff, who's now sporting a turquoise bob, a major change from her typical blonde waves. And I love it!

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    Duff didn't specify whether she actually dyed her hair or opted for a wig, simply captioning the Instagram post "yea." In a subsequent Instagram story, however, the turquoise shade endured, if a little less vibrant than before. My hunch? Duff used a semi-permanent hair color to go blue.

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    If you're also contemplating changing—or refreshing—your color at home, you'd be wise to follow Duff's lead, according to celebrity hair colorist Nikki Lee. "Permanent color can be difficult to remove if someone makes a bad choice at home," Lee told Marie Claire. "Semi-permanent colors are the safest bet as they will eventually wash out over time." (For more professional guidance and product recommendations before you start dyeing, click here.)

    As for the bob? It's not clear, either, whether the cut's an at-home job—Duff wore her hair longer in recent posts, but that could be down to extensions. Regardless: consider me a fan!

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