Chris Evans Shared the Cutest Photos With His Beloved Dog, Dodger

Chris Evans shared adorable photos of his dog Dodger during quarantine.

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  • Chris Evans' love for his adopted dog, Dodger, is very well established.
  • On Twitter, Evans shared two obscenely cute photos of Dodger nestled under his arm.
  • "Two seconds later he full-body sneezed directly into my face," he tweeted.

Here is an insight into the current condition of my brain after three weeks of strict, persistent cough-induced quarantine: When I read "Chris Evans," I think "Christopher," and then I think "Bustopher Jones," and suddenly I’m back in a movie theater watching Cats with mascara dribbling down my face because I’m trying so desperately not to laugh after an audience member impolitely and tunelessly farted during the emotional peak of Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “Memory.” Simpler times!

The obvious subtext of that anecdote is that Chris Evans just posted two exceptionally cute photos of himself and his globally beloved rescue dog, Dodger, and I think you will enjoy them. Dodger, it seems, is about as impolite as the aforementioned audience farter: "Two seconds later he full-body sneezed directly into my face," Evans tweeted.

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In a recent interview with Esquire, Evans shared a reflective moment with Dodger, who he called a "perfect being" (I agree.) "I love the way he’s just sitting there," he said. "He’s just looking. He’s not trying to process. It’s like, the worst thing about people is the way we can see the setting sun or something equally beautiful, and for a split second it’s great—but then very quickly your brain wants to know, What does this have to do with me? And right away the greatness goes away."

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"They say in Buddhism you need the boat to cross the river, but once you cross the river, you don’t need the boat," Evans continued. "This guy right here is a perfect being. Look at him. He’s not asking, What does this have to do with me? He’s just sitting there, experiencing what life has to offer. I’m trying to be the same."

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