The Internet Thinks Taylor Swift's Latest Instagram Post Has a Hidden Meaning

Taylor Swift shared a gorgeous selfie from quarantine on Monday, and fans think she's dropping big clues about an upcoming music video release.

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  • Taylor Swift shared a gorgeous selfie from quarantine on Monday, captioning it, "Not a lot going on at the moment."
  • Keen fans quickly recognized the caption as a reference to her "22" music video.
  • The internet has since spotted other hints that Swift's about to drop something big.

Much like the mythological sphinx, Taylor Swift is prone to speaking—and posting on Instagram—in elaborate riddles, tantalizing her fans with esoteric clues about the new projects she's got in the works. And the internet is convinced that her latest Instagram post, a simple selfie, is actually full to bursting with said clues. Being a Swiftie, it appears, demands near forensic attention to detail.

The selfie in question: A very gorgeous photo of Swift with the caption, "Not a lot going on at the moment." A relatable reference to our collective boredom in quarantine, no? Nothing to see here, right?

Wrong, according to the internet! Firstly, the caption alone is a reference: to Taylor's "22" music video, in which she wears a T-shirt bearing those very words. Behold:

What's more, several fan accounts pointed out that Swift posted the selfie at 5:08 p.m. EST. 5 and 8 not only add up to Swift's lucky number, 13, but could also spell out a date: May 8. Hence, Swifties' conviction that something big is dropping a week on Friday.

What could said drop be? A "Cruel Summer" music video, some fans have concluded, since the track is two minutes and 58 seconds long—that's another 5/8 reference, you'll note.

Do these numbers add up to something, or is this all just a coincidence? Honestly, I don't know. I am very tired, and if I ever meet the sphinx she will definitely just eat me.

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