Meghan Markle Kept a Private Diary of Her Time with the Royal Family and It Could Be Worth Millions

Meghan Markle reportedly kept a diary of her experiences in the royal family and experts believe it could be worth $150 million if published.

  • According to new reports, Meghan Markle kept a diary documenting her time in the royal family.
  • Experts estimate that a memoir based on the diary could be worth as much as $150 million in a bidding war.
  • Even so, royal insiders say there's nothing to indicate that Meghan plans to publish her personal story.

When Meghan Markle joined the royal family, she went dark on social media and shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig—but that doesn't mean she stopped documenting her life.

New reports suggest that Meghan kept a private diary of her time as a working royal and experts say it could be worth millions if she ever decided to publish.

According to The Mirror, "any memoirs of Meghan’s years inside a monarchy rocked by a rift between William and Harry and Prince Andrew’s damning Epstein sex scandal links and damaging BBC interview could fetch up to $150 million in a bidding war."

Of course, just because Meghan kept a potentially-juicy diary doesn't mean that any of us will ever get to read it. Even with a price tag estimated in the millions, royal insiders say Meghan hasn't given any indication that she plans to pen a tell-all memoir of any kind.

"The fact they may exist and could contain material to embarrass the Royal Family is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable, even though right now there is no reason to believe she has plans to publish," a royal source said. "Meghan has always been a tremendous self-publicist. Her account of some of the more difficult times would worry everyone in the royal household."

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