Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Offered $1M for a Tell-All Interview

And Meghan apparently wants to invite cameras into their Malibu home to document their post-royal life.

  • Now that they've completed their royal exit, some insiders wonder if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will grant a tell-all interview.
  • Page Six reports that the Sussexes have reportedly been offered $1M for such an interview and that Oprah is the leading contender to conduct it.
  • A source close to the couple claims that Meghan is pushing Harry to allow cameras to come into their new home and give fans a look at their post-royal life, as well.

It's generally understood that working royals don't grant tell-all interviews—and they certainly wouldn't get paid to grant said interviews. But, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer working royals, so speculation is currently running rampant that they could do both.

According to Page Six (quoting sources who spoke with the Daily Star), the Sussexes have reportedly been offered a cool million to do sit-down, tell-all interview. 

"Sources close to the Duchess revealed Oprah Winfrey is a favorite to quiz Meghan on her bombshell exit with Harry from 'the Firm,'" Page Six wrote, quoting from the Daily Star's piece.

The report goes on to suggest that Meghan is pushing Harry to "allow cameras to film their home and family life" as a way to win back public support after their controversial royal exit this spring. If a Cribs-style tour of the Sussexes' Malibu mansion sounds amazing to you, then keep your fingers cross because Harry is said to be "giving 'serious consideration' to the proposal."

While a televised home tour would certainly rake in big bucks for the couple, who are actively working toward achieving "financial independence" to pay for, among other things, their reportedly $2.5 million-a-year security detail, the sources sharing these maybe-plans say Harry and Meghan probably wouldn't keep any money they netted from such an opportunity.

"Meghan wants to donate all the money to charity—probably the NHS after the incredible efforts of all the frontline workers," the source added.

If Harry and Meghan do decide to grant a high-profile, tell-all interview about their decision to step back from their roles as working senior members of the royal family, it wouldn't be the first time a disgruntled royal went rogue. In 1995, Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, sat down with the BBC to share her side of the story in her split from Prince Charles. Some royal insiders think Meghan could make a similar bombshell move.

"When she was part of the Royal Family, it would have been unthinkable for her to do a solo interview with anyone about her life and how being a princess has changed her world," the source told the Star. "But now she’s very much her own boss and it has put her under pressure feeling that the public have lost their 'love' for her and Harry ­after they took the big step of­ ­going on their own."

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