Katie Holmes Encourages Fans to Watch '(In)Visible Portraits'

The documentary, by first-time director Oge Egbuonu is about the history of Black women and where to go from here. Katie Holmes encouraged fans to watch it.

  • On Friday, the powerful new documentary (In)Visible Portraits dropped on Vimeo on Demand.
  • The film, by first-time director Oge Egbuonu, tells the story of how Black women got to where they are today and plays like a beautiful love letter to Black women, from Black women.
  • Actress Katie Holmes was among the many people who watched the film on Friday and loved it. She took to Instagram to encourage her followers to watch the documentary themselves.

Katie Holmes is among the many, many people around the world who were absolutely floored (in the best way, of course) by Oge Egbuonu's directorial debut, (In)Visible Portraitswhich launched on Vimeo on Demand on Friday.

The powerful documentary, which appropriately dropped on Juneteenth, is basically a love letter to Black women, from Black women, which tells the story of how Black women got to where they are today, as well as where there is to go from here.

"The entire film was a revelation to me. I went through about seven months of pre-production; six days a week, 14 hours a day of me just researching and reading about Black women. And I can honestly say 80 percent of what I learned I did not know," Egbuonu explained in an interview with Marie Claire prior to the film's release. "And I'm fighting so many different emotions [at the time] because I'm fighting rage about what I'm learning. I'm fighting anger and disappoint—disappointment in myself for not knowing. Feeling like I should know this history because I am a Black women. But also [I was] giving myself the space and tenderness. Telling myself, You wasn't taught this. How would you know if it wasn't taught to you? Everything in the film rearranged me and taught me something new."

Holmes was just one of many viewers who was moved by the powerful documentary. She took to Instagram on Friday to gush about the film.

"This is absolutely incredible. Thank you @ogetheyogi for making this beautiful and powerful film," the actress wrote in her post. "#InvisiblePortraits @invisibleportraits this film is available now on Vimeo On Demand. This film is a masterpiece. #spiritual #divine #poise ❤️❤️❤️❤️."

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