Kylie Jenner Has a Terrifying Wax Figure of Mom Kris Jenner in Her Home

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  • Kylie Jenner has a wax figure of Kris Jenner in her home, she shared on her Instagram story—and it's alarmingly lifelike.
  • Kylie revealed her sisters were all eager to own the wax figure.
  • "I don't want to get any texts or phone calls from my sisters after this. She's mine," Kylie said.

    Listen: It is not for me to judge how others choose to decorate their homes. And it's not for me to judge how others choose to stay close to their loved ones, particularly as ongoing lockdown measures have kept us all apart for far longer than we'd prefer. So I will refrain from issuing judgement on the terrifyingly lifelike wax figure of Kris Jenner that Kylie Jenner has inexplicably welcomed into her home, as she revealed on her Instagram story yesterday.

    kylie jenner kris jenner wax figure

    Yes, the figure looks so realistic that I'm not entirely convinced it's not Kris Jenner herself, entombed in a waxy grave à la the 2005 horror classic House of Wax. Yes, I would 100 percent succumb to instant cardiac arrest should I wander downstairs for a midnight drink and see Wax Kris guarding the liquor. And yes, I absolutely believe Kylie should launch Wax Kris directly into the sun before she consumes the souls of the entire extended Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. But again: It is not for me to judge!

    Bafflingly, it sounds like the sisters Kardashian-Jenner were all desperate to desecrate the sanctity of their homes with the presence of Wax Kris. Displaying the figure on her Instagram story, Kylie declared, "She's mine now. I don't want to get any texts or phone calls from my sisters after this. She's mine." Don't fight it, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, or Kendall! It's far too late for Kylie, but you can still escape the soul-devouring rampage of Wax Kris!

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