Tracee Ellis Ross Looked Flawless in a Black String Bikini and Jordans

Another stellar look!

Tracee Ellis Ross
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  • Tracee Ellis Ross nailed poolside style in a gorgeous new post on Instagram.
  • Ross wore a black string bikini with suede Jordans, draping a loose greige jacket around her waist.
  • "Pool party! Except I don’t have a pool. And I’m too scared to have a party," she captioned the post.

I would wager all my worldly assets (if student debt can be considered "assets") that Tracee Ellis Ross has never put together a less than exceptional outfit. The latest example: a poolside look comprising a black string bikini, brown and white suede Jordans, and a loose greige jacket draped alternately around her waist or shoulders. "Pool party! Except I don’t have a pool. And I’m too scared to have a party," she captioned her Instagram post. "Siri play “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince."

If you're not following Ross on Instagram (and you should rectify that at once), you might not be aware that she's continued to provide non-stop fashion inspiration throughout lockdown. Speaking to Tyler the Creator for Interview magazine, she shared, "People are like, 'Are you still dressing up in the pandemic?' I was like, 'Well, I have a different version of it.' I haven’t worn pants with zippers or a thing that I have to send to the dry cleaners, but, yeah, I still put on a lip, I’ve got fresh-cut flowers in my house."

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Last year, she discussed her red carpet looks with British Vogue (oh, to see Ross on a red carpet again!). "I’m partnered with a joyous stylist, Karla Welch. When I have an event coming up, I’ll send her inspiration pictures or we’ll come up with a theme, but mostly I just wear what makes my heart sing," she said. "Clothing for me started out as armour and now it’s truly a form of creative expression.”

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