Tracee Ellis Ross Drops Tutorial for Achieving Her Iconic "Cursive" Baby Hairs

She used products from her own hair care line, Pattern Beauty.

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  • On Instagram, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a baby hair tutorial using products from her hair care line, Pattern Beauty.
  • The baby hair tutorial marks the first of many tutorials to come from Pattern Beauty.
  • The most recent collection launch from Pattern Beauty includes over 15 new styling products, tools, and kits catered to curly, coiled, and kinky textured hair.

    Actor Tracee Ellis Ross is known for pulling off iconic hairstyles, from an elegant set of cornrows to her signature curly Afro. The Pattern Beauty owner never ceases to amaze with her bold and beautiful looks. On July 28, Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram to give fans a lesson in baby hairs: In an IG TV video, Ross walked fans through a step-by-step guide to creating her iconic cursive baby hairs, using products from her hair care line Pattern Beauty.

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    The actor began the tutorial by sectioning off pieces from the front perimeter of her hairline using the brand's Edge Tool. (Ross refers to her baby hair as "grown woman hairs.") Once her edges were separated from her three messy buns, she began to apply the Strong Hold Gel to the loose strands. From there, the fun started: Ross began to strategically mold her edges into intricate loops and swirls starting from her forehead and working her way across until she had a hairline of beautifully placed hairs. To freeze her edges in place, she followed up with the Edge Control.

    Ross completed the masterpiece in less than three minutes and ended the tutorial with a full view of her ramen noodle baby hair look. This tutorial marks the first of many hair tutorials to come from Pattern Beauty, and I already can't wait to see what style tutorial the baby hair queen is cooking up next.

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